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Welcome to the latest issue of Extreme Currents! At NexTek, lightning protection is our focus, so here you will find facts and topics designed to keep you informed on all things lightning-related.

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Whether you’re simply intrigued by the power and consequences of lightning or you’re an industry professional that needs to stay up-to-date with the best in lightning protection products and technologies, Extreme Currents has something for everyone. So please read on and enjoy.
Would your equipment survive? 
NexTek lightning protection increases the odds

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    Cool Lightning Facts
  • Most lightning strikes average 2 to 3 miles long and carry a current of 10000 Amps at 100 million Volts!
  • Lightning temperatures can reach 30,000 degrees Celsius! Five times hotter than the sun!
  History and Mystery of Lightning
  Fun Lightning Quiz
  Lightning Injury Facts - Myths, Miracles, and Mirages
Lightning Protection History - 1892

New Lightning Protection and High Current Products

While NexTek takes pride in having industry leading coaxial lightning protectors and expertise, it's always interesting to see how much ingenious engineering went into preventing lightning damage in the early days of coax cabling... Despite primitive and error prone concepts.
  The Deadliest and Costliest Hurricanes From 1851 to 2006
  Nice Cloud-to-Cloud Lightning Video

  Lightning Discussion Group on Yahoo - Over 2400 members!
The protector illustrated worked by providing an arc path from both the input and output cable to the grounded sphere in the center. The input and output coaxial center conductors are through connected with an inductor to reduce the let-through energy. This entire device is housed in a steel box.
  Ball Lightning - A really weird phenomena
Ball Lightning
What would the performance be for this "cable hut"?
      RF performance: Usable performance probably to 1 MHz
Lighting Protection: Very high transient ampacity of over 50 kA, however, let-through likely a very high 15kV / 1J
From such humble beginnings, we bring forth protectors that would make Dr. Lodge proud!
The Engineer's Guide to Lightning Protection

THE SHINING. An extraordinarily large—about 100 meters in diameter—object presumed to be ball lightning was caught on film by a park ranger in Australia. It lasted surprisingly long, about 5 minutes.


Written by Dr. Oliver Lodge, a Professor of Physics at University College in Liverpool, this book still provides fascinating insights in LP technology. Some of the methods described are still in use today!

(careful, this is the complete book and is 15MB, courtesy of Google Books)

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The Highest Performance Protection. Period.

Whether you need to pass dc or simply need a wideband lightning protector, NexTek has the highest performance protectors on the market today. No competitor comes close in an across the board specification comparison. Insertion Loss, VSWR, Environmental Rating, PIM, and Surge Protection Capacity have ALL been optimized to offer you the best.



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