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New "Extreme Currents" Main Page - Past Editions, News, and Company Updates NexTek Releases New Wideband 2.2 to 7.6GHz Surge Arrestor

Extreme Currents Main Page

Westford, MA, March 2014 - NexTek is proud to announce the launch of a new Extreme Currents Main Page, a new place to find previous issues of NexTek's E-newsletter, Recent News Items, and other interesting information..

This page will be the home for:

  • Current and Past Issues of the Extreme Currents E-newsletter
  • Recent News Items and Website Updates
  • Recent Product Releases, including Press Releases and Datasheets

Check it out today!

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  • Ideal for 802.11, UNII, ISM, Satellite, and LTE Applications
  • Low VSWR and Insertion Loss
  • 60kA Surge Protection
  • DC Block Design
  • Normal and Reverse Polarity
  • Bi-directional Protection
  • Rugged and Weatherproof
  • Effective against ESD, EMP, and other threats as well
  • CLICK HERE FOR .PDF Datasheet


Coaxial Lightning Protection
NexTek Releases New Compact DC Block Surge Arrestor for Radio Applications HPR Selection Guide

Compact DC Blocking, TNC to SMA, surge and lightning protector


  • 2MHz to 2GHz Pass Band (available)
  • Extremely Compact Form Factor
  • TNC-female to SMA-female connector configuration, bi-directional
  • Multi-Stage Circuit Design to Reduce Residual Energy
  • Excellent RF Performance
  • Multi-Strike Protection
  • Nickel Plated Brass & Gold Pin Construction
  • Environmental: IP68
  • CLICK HERE FOR .PDF Datasheet

NexTek's HPR Family of High Current Feedthrough Filters

NexTek has just released a brand new Selection Guide for our HPR family of High Current Filters.

Designed to simplify the process of spec'ing and selecting the correct HPR model and full P/N...The HPR Selection Guide contains everything you need to find the proper part for your needs.

Selection Guide Page

Selection Guide .PDF



Nextek is the manufacturer of all the products listed in these pages. We are not a reseller or distributor.

Nextek Engineering designs only the highest quality devices: Poorly designed and manufactured devices can greatly reduce RF signal quality, be susceptible to weather elements, and fail to protect over time.

Be smart, don't settle for cheap protection of your valuable equipment.

Lightning protectors are also known as lightning arrestors, lightning suppressors, surge protectors, surge arrestors, and surge suppressors.

High Current Filters are also known as feedthrough filters, EMI filters, RFI filters, power filters, and low-pass filters.


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