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  Lightning Protection Device Technology Types
Quarter Wave Stub Technology
  The Next Generation Quarter-Wave Stub Series from NexTek are available in many operating bandwidth frequencies, assorted connectors and genders in wideband or narrowband, in various frequency ranges to 18GHz. These units can accommodate diverse wireless applications. Reverse polarity connectors are also available in many of the models.  
QSS Units
  The Quarter-wave Stub Protectors are compact and exceptionally robust units, bi-directional, waterproof, Guardplated™ and able to handle multiple lightning strikes while requiring no maintenance.
Replaceable & Fixed Gas Tube Technology
  The PTR protectors, employ gas tube protection and the gas tubes are easily replaceable to protect electrical equipment from lightning surges. The product is very similar to the PTC series with the exception of the replaceable gas-tube feature. It is used in similar applications to protect against surges. The gas-tube holder unscrews providing for simple gas-tube replacement.  
GDT Units
  All models are weatherproof. Reverse Polarity Connectors and grounding/mounting Brackets are available. Voltages available are 90V, 150V, 230V, 350V, 470V, 600V, 800V, 1000V....up to 3500V!
Ultra Fast Response (Multi-Stage, HEMP/NEMP)
  The FPL series of protectors reduce lightning transients to very low voltage levels and pass dc through as well. Fine-protectors are usually necessary on sensitive receiver lines that must pass dc, or need protection against HEMP or NEMP surges. The typical let-through voltage is limited to 125% of the dc voltage rating. Available connectors include N and TNC. The dc capability is to 1A at up to 48Vdc. We have units available in multiple frequency ranges.  
GPS Protection
  Typical insertion loss of 0.1dB and VSWR of 1.1. This type of multi-stage lightning arrestor is perfect for sensitive receivers such as GPS and other Satellite applications, or other low-power Rx systems.
Hybrid Technology
  Designed for Telecom applications with 7/16DIN connectors, this new surge arrestor provides excellent RF performance specifications and represents a significant advance in power surge technology. This device exhibits over fifty times the industry-standard life expectancy when exposed to a transient current of 30kA yet requires no gas-tube maintenance.  
Hybrid Unit
  The maintenance free PGT 7F series is rugged and waterproof. It is designed to operate at frequencies ranging from 0.82-2.2GHz. It is characterized by bi-directional protection, low VSWR, high RF power, low PIM, and dc pass capability.
Bias-T Technology
  The Bias-T is designed for injecting DC power onto the coaxial cable. Rugged construction and broad bandwidth (820MHz to 2.2GHz) with great Inter Modulation performance and ultra low insertion loss lets you get the most out of your system performance.  
Bias-Tee for Telecom Use
  The NexTek Bias-T includes a lightning protection circuit to protect the Power Distribution Unit and the Base Station. A DC isolation circuit is also included for improved RF to DC isolation.

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