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High Current DC Filters  
Extreme Environment Devices
55 Amperes - Standard Version  
140 Amperes - Standard Version  
400 Amperes - Standard Version  
Standard (inch) Series  
50 Amperes - Standard Version  
100 Amperes - Standard Version  
175 Amperes - Standard Version  
250 Amperes - Standard Version  
Extreme Environment Devices  
55 Amperes Extreme Edition  
140 Amperes Extreme Edition  
400 Amperes Extreme Edition  
Standard (inch) Series  
50 Amperes Extreme Edition  
100 Amperes Extreme Edition  
175 Amperes Extreme Edition  
250 Amperes Extreme Edition  
Custom Designs  
Lightning Arrestors  
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  Ruggedized AC & DC Filters  
Tested and Qualifed to MIL-PRF-49467

Nextek Ruggedized DC Filters have a unique architecture specifically designed for high vibration, high altitude, and other extreme environments. Our engineering group has extensive experience producing products that are able to perform to the highest of standards.

Our standard E-Class version has been Tested and Qualified to military standard MIL-C-49467 Group A ratings. Specialized custom units to MIL-PRF-55681, MIL-PRF-123, or customer SCD are also available.


  HPR 400 Amp    
  Typical HPR Insertion Loss  

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