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High Current DC Filters  
Extreme Environment Devices
55 Amperes - Standard Version  
140 Amperes - Standard Version  
400 Amperes - Standard Version  
Standard (inch) Series  
50 Amperes - Standard Version  
100 Amperes - Standard Version  
175 Amperes - Standard Version  
250 Amperes - Standard Version  
Extreme Environment Devices  
55 Amperes Extreme Edition  
140 Amperes Extreme Edition  
400 Amperes Extreme Edition  
Standard (inch) Series  
50 Amperes Extreme Edition  
100 Amperes Extreme Edition  
175 Amperes Extreme Edition  
250 Amperes Extreme Edition  
Custom Designs  
Lightning Arrestors  
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  Standard Series: 175 Amperes DC High Current Filter  
  The HPR is ideal for reducing high frequency noise on high current lines, within specified RF current limits. An HPR Filter can be used to reduce noise emitted from the power system or to isolate noise from loads. Call NexTek to help select proper filter for your specific application.  

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  • High current - 175 Amps
  • High capacitance - up to 10 µF
  • High frequency filtering - 1 kHz to over 1 GHz
  • High insertion loss - over 60 dB
  • Rugged compact design
  • Reliable and minimal space requirements
  • Bolt-on/bulkhead mount
  • Easier installation to wire/bus and enclosure
  • RF Current - over 10 Arms
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