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  Glossary of terms used on this site      
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials, which develops standards for electrical, scientific and technical devices.
EMC ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: Equipment operating without causing any electromagnetic interference or being influenced by any interference.
EMF ElectroMagnetic Field: The magnetic field of energy generated by the conductance of electricity.
EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference: An electrical disturbance from a natural source, such as lightning, or an electrical device that causes an undesired effect on another electrical device. It is the opposite of EMC.
GHz GigaHertz: 1,000 MHz, or 1,000,000,000 cycles per second.
GSM Global System for Mobile communications: The European digital cellular communications standard.
Impedance Resistance measured in an electrical circuit stated in Ohms.
Insertion Loss The attenuation vs. frequency of a device placed into a circuit, connector, or network. It is usually expressed as the log of the ratio of a voltage before vs. after the device is inserted.
MHz MegaHertz: 1,000 kHz, or 1,000,000 cycles per second.
PCS Personal Communication Service: An FCC licensed communication service, usually based on digital microcellular communications. Portable cell phones are the most common application
Peak Pulse Current The maximum allowable pulse current that does not change the capabilty of a surge protection device by more than 10 percent.
RF Radio Frequency: The band of the electromagnetic spectrum in which radio signals can be transmitted, defined by the FCC as 10 kHz to 3,000 GHz.
VSWR Voltage Standard Wave Ratio: A measure of the degree to which a load is impedance matched to its transmission line. A perfect match has a value of 1.0. This is the ratio of maxmum voltage to minimum voltage in standing wave pattern. It varies from 1 to (plus) infinity.


Nextek is the manufacturer of all the products listed in these pages. We are not a reseller or distributor.

Nextek Engineering designs only the highest quality devices: Poorly designed and manufactured devices can greatly reduce RF signal quality, be susceptible to weather elements, and fail to protect over time.

Be smart, don't settle for cheap protection of your valuable equipment.

Lightning protectors are also known as lightning arrestors, lightning suppressors, surge protectors, surge arrestors, and surge suppressors.

High Current Filters are also known as feedthrough filters, EMI filters, RFI filters, power filters, and low-pass filters.


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